We recognize that there are increasingly chaotic, complex and competitive innovation challenges in the traditional for-profit, non-profit, government and educational sectors.  We offer alternative integrated human innovation solutions, that builds on developing collective visions and fosters cohesion and coherence in the development of sustainable innovation cultures and solutions.

JouleWatt looks at client and partner innovation challenges and opportunities through the lens of "Innovating Whole Capital" by integrating financial, human, intellectual, social and soulful impact capital with our clients and partners.  We specialize in human innovation which drives business, social and technology innovation.  

We often partner with our clients in bespoke solutions which mutually balance risks and rewards.  We view fees as a positive four letter word that enables mutual benefits and opportunities through the lens of human innovation.


Our future is driven by key frameworks and mental models that help us read and apply our continuous learning about social realities in our chaotic and complex planet.  Our aspiration is to engage in ever-widening circles of discourse and action-oriented solutions around "Our Next Ages", which embraces diversity and creates individual, community and institutional agency around collective visions, beyond our current carbon and digital age in the knowledge economy.  Join us at, if you want to engage with us in our journey towards "Our Next Ages".


JouleWatt and its predecessor firms were founded in 1984 in Toronto, Canada.  Historically, JouleWatt's services specialized in corporate finance and alternative investment solutions. Corporate finance services have included private placements, reverse-mergers, mergers and acquisitions, public offerings and restructurings.   Alternative investments services have been in the venture capital, hedge funds, private equity and real estate sectors.  Clients and projects have ranged in the small to mid-market size, primarily in the financial services,  technology and real estate sectors.


Susanne Alexander - Relationship Transformation: Character Based Communications

Mishkin Berteig - Agile and SCRUM: The Power of Real Agility

Iren Kolterman - Diversity and Inclusion: Transformative Talent Management

William Neal - Alternative Education: From STEM to STEAM

Deborah Pearce - Management Consulting: Executive Leadership, Innovation and Strategy

Grant Peirce - Organizational Design: Building the Foundations of Character

Robert Rosenfeld - Innovation: Making the Invisible Visible

Chris Tara-Browne - Retail Food: Reimagining Cafe Culture

Johann S. Wong - Founder and Managing Director: gg2030 and RNextAges